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  • justice-hub

    Justice Hub

    An open source platform for data related to the Indian legal and justice...

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  • niua

    NIUA Dataspace

    Team Mobilize aims to build a unified DataSpace for Urban Mobility that will...

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  • open-budgets-india

    Open Budgets India

    Making India's Budgets Open, Usable and Easy to Comprehend. Find Union...

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  • open-contracting-india

    Open Contracting India

    Open Contracting India is an initiative by CivicDataLab in partnership with...

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  • open-government-data-platform

    Open Government Data Platform

    The Open Government Data Portal designed, developed and hosted by the...

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  • opencity


    Open City is a civic tech project that helps public data on cities be...

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  • phonepe-pulse

    Phonepe - Pulse

    PhonePe started in 2016 and has been a strong beneficiary of the API driven...

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